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Toyota ‘Forgiven’ for HQ Move to Dallas Area

“I forgive you, Toyota” is the eye-catching lead of an excellent column about the company’s planned headquarters relocation from Torrance, Calif., to Plano, Texas. The writer, Joe Mathews, a long-time journalist and observer of California events, describes his positive impressions of Plano and also Frisco, where presumably many Toyota employees will live. As a site selection consultant, I dig deeper into community characteristics than just about anyone else. Hence, I can verify that data-driven comparisons support the positive views in the column. I try to avoid touting one community over another, and my reports to clients are objective and based on facts.
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Powerful Column About How Personal Taxes Spark Out-of-California Migration

The upcoming departure of Toyota’s headquarters from California to Texas has sparked renewed interest in the topic of companies migrating from one state to another. Also, individuals are moving from states with high income taxes to states with low income taxes or no such tax at all. A new analysis contains striking findings about relocations – see economist Art Laffer’s new Investor’s Business Daily column,  “California’s High-Tax, Big-Government Comedown.” This is a good time to address a new twist in out-of-California migration. It appears that more soon-to-be-retired individuals are planning to pack their bags for states with a friendlier attitude towards taxpayers.
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Time for California to End the Texas Bashing

As a corporate site selection consultant, my world is buzzing about the big Toyota headquarters move from Torrance, California to Plano, Texas. My peers and I know full well how company employees will have to seriously consider their stay-or-move options and how Torrance’s treasury will be adversely affected. But some of us are irritated with the nonsense coming from people who defend California’s business environment at all costs. Causes for relocating the company’s North American HQ and 3,000 high-paying jobs aren’t quite what politicians or the Los Angeles Times want people to believe. Toyota announced that a more “geographically central” location
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