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New Study – The Highest & Lowest Workers’ Comp. Rates

Concerned about Workers’ Compensation costs? Well, the least expensive states were North Dakota, Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia and Massachusetts. Meanwhile, California businesses are learning that their state now has the most expensive workers’ unemployment rates in the nation. That finding is despite reforms that were designed to lower costs from when the state also had the worst ranking in the past. The high-cost states following behind California are Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Alaska, in that order. Workers’ Compensation Premium Index Rates The source of the rankings (and the map) is a study issued by the Oregon Department of Consumer
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Special ‘California Alert’ to the U.S. Site Selection Community

California, long known to be unfriendly to business, is now inhospitable to site selection consultants. Gov. Jerry Brown’s Office of Business and Economic Development has banned commissions that have long been a tradition in the business in the United States and internationally. Or perhaps it’s better to say the state is limiting commissions. According to the Sacramento Business Journal,┬áthe agency, known as GO-Biz, has placed on ban on commissions to consultants for aiding companies in securing a tax credit should they decide to move to or expand in the state.(1) Since the story appeared, one consultant clarified that commissions are
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