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Findings of the Latest Kosmont-Rose Institute ‘Cost of Doing Business Survey’

For ten years now I’ve been posting opinion and news pieces on the Internet, but today marks the first time that I’m republishing someone’s news release. I’m doing so because of the excellent findings in a well-respected Cost of Doing Business Survey. For an abridged version of the announcement, read on . . . Claremont, Calif., June 29, 2015 – Claremont McKenna College’s Rose Institute of State & Local Government today released the 20th annual Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey. The Rose Institute gathers business fees and a variety of tax rates from 305 selected cities, focusing on
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Growing California Company Moving One Operations Center to Three Other States

There are times when being a site selection consultant means it’s time to kick back, have a bourbon, light a cigar and be delighted about how an assignment worked out. Well, I don’t drink bourbon, nor do I smoke anything, but that describes the mood I’m in now that a California client has wrapped up a project and will relocate employees to three out-of-state metropolitan areas. The company’s executive leadership knew that it was time to cut costs. They understood that moving jobs elsewhere would lower expenses, but they worried about the reaction of employees. Because of decent pay, excellent
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