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Confucius Would Urge Chinese Companies to Avoid California

Sometimes one phone call can make a person think. Really think. That’s what happened when Cathy Zhang, host of “Engage America,” a Chinese radio show, called and asked if I would agree to an interview about my new report, “Why Companies Leave California.” She wanted to know whether its findings might be useful to China’s business interests. I replied: “Yes, they sure are.” Frankly, I also figured I’d have an audience of millions of people. The program is part of the Sound of Hope Radio, the most listened-to network among Chinese expatriates throughout the United States and around the world.
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High Housing Prices Motivating Companies & Employees to Leave California

Today’s Wall Street Journal carried an excellent story about California’s affordable housing crisis, noting that some employers must leave the state as they expand because home prices and rents are “higher on average than anywhere else in the country [and] have surged to the top of concerns for businesses and workers.” I can verify the accuracy of those observations because my report “Why Companies Leave California” covers that topic extensively (the report served as one of many sources for the Journal’s story). Following are examples of what is in the Unaffordable Housing section of the report – themes that are
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Amazon: New York Caused the Divorce – Don’t Go Back

Today’s big news is that New Yorkers are pleading with Amazon to reconsider its decision to halt its HQ2 project in their city. The Wall Street Journal reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been in contact with Amazon executives, urging them to rethink their decision to abandon plans for a headquarters campus – and 25,000 jobs – in Queens. My recommendation to Amazon: Don’t spend even a second reconsidering your decision. I say that because Amazon’s decision to spread growth among its existing facilities is more sensible than staying in New York. Amazon was jeered at a public hearing in
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