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Phoenix’s ‘Rolling Message’ to California’s High-Tech Companies: ‘Get Out!’

An Arizona economic development agency has launched a gutsy campaign to interest California companies in locating where they will find a far friendlier business environment and better quality of life. Imaginative economic development officials in Phoenix have reached beyond traditional media in a way I’ve never seen before. They have custom-wrapped two dozen autos with an easy-to-ready slogan “#CASTRUGGLES are REAL!” The cars are a rolling promotion to a website that introduces the metro area as a “location of choice for business and individuals.” Over a 12-week period, the mobile billboards will travel on Silicon Valley roads along predetermined routes.
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California’s Progressive Betrayal

The Golden State’s left-wing policies hurt working-class and middle-class residents Written by Joel Kotkin, the Roger Hobbs Distinguished Fellow in Urban Studies at Chapman University, executive director of, and a published author who lives in Orange County, Calif. The recent California Democratic Party convention in San Francisco exposed the divide between the state’s progressive and working-class voters. Progressives, in their militant certitude, support left-wing policies that often don’t affect them; it’s the working class that suffers the consequences of these proposals. But the Green New Deal, widely embraced by party leaders, pushed too far, triggering a backlash at the
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More Companies Exit Business-Bashing California for Business-Friendly States (Updated)

If your business is in California and you’re wondering if companies continue to leave the state, the answer is, “Yes, and anecdotal evidence is that the numbers are growing.” Before I identify the latest businesses to disinvest in California – 32 companies that placed 39 facilities in other states – note that I learned about the events only within the last three months. Folks, this is further evidence of the continued deterioration of the business climate in the once-golden state. California continues to lose companies because of the state’s miserable treatment of businesses and the continued lowering of the quality
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