California Gov. Newsom Champions Measures That Would Take Us Back to ‘Medieval Times’

Admittedly, that is a rather harsh headline. But a California-based energy expert uses such language to describe Gov. Gavin Newsom who he says deserves such criticism because of his energy policies.

The column, below, was written by Ronald Stein, a researcher and commentator on climate, energy, environment and public policy.

“Governor Newsom is vocally supportive of the Green New Deal that would take us back to medieval times. The Governor’s statement on July 12th was scary. He is looking into putting a moratorium on fracking for oil and wants to reduce the state’s reliance on fossil fuels.

“The Governor seems to be oblivious to the fact that 100 percent of the industries that use deep earth minerals/fuels to “move things and make thousands of products” to support the economies around the world, are increasing their demand and usage each year of those energy sources from deep earth minerals/fuels, not decreasing it.

“Electricity alone, especially intermittent electricity from renewables, has not, and will not, run the economies of the world, as electricity alone is unable to support the energy demands of the military, airlines, cruise ships, supertankers, container shipping, and trucking infrastructures….”

Read the full column at NewGeography.

To understand the “who, what, when and where” about companies & people exiting the state, see “Why Companies Leave California” published to acclaim by Spectrum Location Solutions. The “why” is also explained, including ever-increasing costs for all utilities – electricity, natural gas and water – and why you shouldn’t expect the harsh business climate to improve in the hopelessly radicalized state.

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