Another Electronics Co. Leaves Business-Hostile California: Chip 1 Exchange Moves U.S. HQ to Texas

Chip 1 Exchange, a global distributor of electronic components and peripherals, has moved its U.S. headquarters and logistics operations from Lake Forest in Orange County to Fort Worth, Texas.

The operation will start with 20 employees in a facility that includes a quality control lab, regional sales office and purchasing hub. The company expects to be hiring a couple of hundred people during the next few years.

Established in 2001 in Germany and launching its U.S. operations in 2007, Chip 1 Exchange supplies electronic components for aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, defense, mobile computing and consumer applications.

See the BIZNOW story “Fort Worth’s Mission To Attract HQs Scores Another Win.”

To understand the “who, what, when, where and why” companies & people are exiting the state, see “Why Companies Leave California” published by Spectrum Location Solutions. Of the Top 10 industries leaving California over an eight-year period, ranking No. 4 are companies in the category of “Electronics, Communications Equipment, Lighting, Batteries and Compressors.”

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