Thinking of Relocating Your Business to California? Don’t!

“Let me tell you: California is La La Lawsuit Land. It can be a very expensive place to conduct business, so my advice is to steer clear,” by H. Dennis Beaver, Esq., published today in

A company owner asked if he should stay back East and deal with cold weather or move to California even though costly lawsuits against businesses are rampant.

Mr. Beaver’s response:

I am embarrassed and horrified by what can only be described as a war on business enabled by my state’s legislature, and I am not a card-carrying, conservative Republican. Any company thinking of relocating here needs to Google “California Legal Hellhole” and “California Pay Stub Violations,” then ask itself why large corporations — among hundreds — have moved out of California….”

I spoke with business relocation expert Joe Vranich, president of Spectrum Location Solutions, which was based in Irvine, Calif., but relocated to Cranberry Township, a suburb of Pittsburgh…. So, why did Vranich leave California?

“Just look at the squalor, the filth, the homelessness that is not being addressed. I moved for three reasons — taxes, regulations and quality of life. I am free of California’s notorious regulatory environment and threats of frivolous lawsuits that hurt small businesses like mine,” he said.

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