Site Selection Co. Joins ‘Mass Movement’ of Businesses Leaving California

McKinney, Texas (April 8, 2021) – Spectrum Location Solutions, a firm that identifies states and cities for companies seeking business-friendly environments, has taken its own advice by relocating from California and settling in Texas.

“Companies of all sizes have begun to imagine a post-Covid future – one where a new location will lead to a more positive future outlook,” said Spectrum President Joseph Vranich. “It’s unusual for a boutique company like mine to announce a relocation, but doing so offsets the notion that only big companies leave California. I think small-business departures have reached the level of a mass movement.” He continued:

“Historically, mass movements are sparked by a charismatic leader, but that isn’t the case here. I know California business owners who on their own have evaluated their situation and concluded that an out-of-state location would benefit their enterprise.

“Headlines trumpet California exits by high-profile companies like Charles Schwab, leaving San Francisco, Toyota, relocating from the Los Angeles, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise moving out of San Jose. The media easily learns about those events.

“But the extent of small businesses leaving California isn’t widely understood since most exit quietly and they don’t apply to Economic Development agencies for financial incentives.

“Small businesses depart California because multiple tax hikes are on the horizon and there is no relief in sight from business-bashing regulations and lawsuits. California’s difficult environment for businesses will deteriorate further because of the lock business-hostile politicians have on the legislature and administrative agencies.

“California’s quality of life continues to deteriorate with the spread of social unrest, continued under-performance of many urban schools, restrictions against construction that would ease the unaffordable housing situation, and sure-to-come personal tax increases.

“We were based in Irvine, in Orange County, and are now located in in McKinney, a growing suburban community north of Dallas, where we are experiencing a superior quality of life at a lower cost. One reason we selected the community is that we know professionals who moved here from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area.

“Our migration occurred in two stages. We first moved to Pennsylvania for a time for family reasons, but have now settled permanently in Texas, the state that we had earlier identified as our preferred permanent home,” Vranich concluded.

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Joe Vranich can be reached confidentially at 800-508-5138 to explore whether a relocation, expansion or consolidation makes sense for your company regardless of what state you are located in. It is a no-fee, no-obligation consultation.

Spectrum Location Solutions provides site-selection consulting services to help companies of all sizes find optimal places for relocations, expansions or consolidations. Spectrum’s network includes help for businesses through a private equity firm that will finance relocation costs and a realtor network to assist individuals with housing searches. By working with Economic Development Agencies throughout the nation to identify appealing sites and economic incentives, the company has found optimum locations for headquarters, back offices and manufacturing facilities. Vranich established the firm years ago as The Business Relocation Coach with the motto: “Helping Businesses Grow in Great Locations!”