California Business Losses Percolating As Coffee Company Heads for North Carolina

Puroast Coffee Company, Inc. is relocating from Woodland, in Yolo County, Calif., and placing its new headquarters, roasting and distribution operation in High Point, NC.

Kerry Sachs, Puroast CEO, said, “High Point came out on top after an extensive search to locate our new operations – the workforce, location, manufacturing infrastructure, quality of life and the warm invitation from the Economic Development team all contributed to our decision.”

The company will invest $1.5 million in new machinery, equipment and building improvements while creating as many as 44 new jobs. Puroast produces a low-acid coffee which is the result of a roasting process learned from Venezuelan coffee growers and their traditional craft. See the announcement here.

Also, according to the Triad Business Journal, No economic incentives were involved.

Plans are brewing for other companies around the nation to relocate to business-friendly states. To follow such events on this blog, go to the “Subscribe” box on the right-hand side on this page.

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