Another Company Leaves California; Moves Headquarters & Manufacturing to Arizona

Bonelli Doors + Windows has relocated entirely from high-cost San Francisco to affordable Mesa, Arizona. The door and window designer and manufacturer created 35 new jobs and plans to hire more at its new facility, where it will design, manufacture and ship finished product.

“Mesa is a great fit for Bonelli. With its low cost of living, educated workforce, freeway connections to major markets, and international airport, it is an ideal location for our headquarters and operations to be in one building,” said Cameron Wyatt, president of Bonelli.

To support expansion and with 17 new product launches planned in the next year, Bonelli partnered with ASU Preparatory Academy Polytechnic and is hiring local students as interns and employees.

See more at the Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s announcement here.

California’s extraordinary regulations along with high business and personal taxes motivate exits from the state for greener pastures. Gov. Gavin Newsom – who approved a major tax hike last summer – is taking no meaningful steps to ease such burdens, so the exodus of businesses and individuals is expected to continue.

Plans are brewing for other companies around the nation to relocate to business-friendly states. To follow such events on this blog, go to the “Subscribe” box on the right-hand side on this page.

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