California Politicians Sneak $280 million into Budget for Stadium

California leaders tucked nearly $280 million into the state budget that could benefit the proposed A’s baseball stadium in downtown Oakland to help retain the team. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers quietly approved the funds weeks ago, and the money has stayed under the radar ahead of a pivotal Oakland City Council on the stadium’s future — a decision that the A’s and Major League Baseball insist could determine whether the team remains after 53 years in the city. Oakland is one of the smallest markets in Major League Baseball.

(Note: Taxpayer dollars are available through the state’s various incentive programs — tax credits, direct grants, expedited permitting — for big businesses with California facilities like NBC Universal, Microsoft, Dreamworks Animation, and Zoom Video while small businesses all over the state suffer.) Read the rest of the story at Politico: “A $280M handout for baseball? Secret California budget item might juice Oakland project.”

Joseph Vranich is the Principal of Spectrum Location Solutions, a McKinney, Texas-based Site Selection firm that helps companies identify optimum locations for new facilities to accommodate growth or improve competitiveness. On such projects he conducts an in-depth analysis of business taxes, the regulatory climate, labor rates, logistics options and lifestyle factors. Many of his clients leave business-hostile states, particularly California and New York, for friendlier, lower-cost states.