Company Owner Unhappy With Sacramento City Council & Mayor – Moves to Texas

Mark Snyder of the family-owned business William Glen Inc. is closing his Sacramento stores and moving the company’s headquarters and fulfillment center to Weatherford, Texas, a community near Fort Worth.

The California Globe asks, “What could possibly cause a native Sacramento resident with a thriving business, beautiful home, and many local friends and family, to close the business, sell his home and move to Texas?”

The Globe’s Editor, Katy Grimes, reports that “Mark Snyder has been vocal about the huge increase in crime, theft and shoplifting, vandalism, homeless drug addicts, violence and harassment to his stores as well as to all of the Old Sacramento merchants.”

“It’s been interesting watching the degradation of life in Old Sacramento, Sacramento and the State of California,” Snyder said, who was born and raised in Sacramento. “It’s just become hopeless.”

Snyder said that he is “constantly battling broken bottles, drug paraphernalia, localized fires, bicycle gangs, motorcycle gangs, and drug-addicted homeless vagrants ravaging the city and Old Sacramento.” He said the Sacramento Downtown Partnership has been working tirelessly to assist businesses, and trying to keep downtown clean and safe, but to no avail. And it’s only gotten worse, not better, which led to Snyder making the decision to leave California.

As for his native city of Sacramento, Snyder said, “City Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela doesn’t realize just what the entrepreneurs have to do to keep it together,” especially in the face of the governor’s lockdowns, draconian local and state regulations, the anti-police movement, and the City Council and Mayor, totally ineffective in dealing with the homeless, he explained.

“Katie Valenzuela sees herself as the AOC of the West Coast – as if she cares about workers,” Snyder added.

See the full California Globe story here: Leaving California Interview With Mark Snyder: ‘Is Sacramento and California in a Post-Hope Period?’

A company announcement states that “Maybe one day leadership will ‘get it.” For now, they have not one clue. “We will continue to operate, fulfilling directly for many of our World Class suppliers and selling on some of the world’s most powerful platforms from our new Texas-based headquarters and fulfillment center.”

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