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Startling Exodus from High-Tax, High-Crime States to Florida Is Accelerating

The moving vans keep heading to Florida from New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut and Pennsylvania despite reopenings after COVID restrictions – and the facts are irrefutable because they’re based on people swapping their driver’s licenses. Moving to states with lower taxes is a big factor, but so is the stunning level of crime in places like New York, Newark, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. One commentator on the New York Post story wrote: “I am happy to be here in Florida after growing up in NYC. I don’t even like visiting anymore. Place is unrecognizable. I lived and
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Yes, Companies Continue to Leave California

A  technology unicorn has shifted its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Dallas. Aviatrix, a provider of tools for cloud networking and security, relocated its central hub from Santa Clara to North Texas, according to Steve Mullaney, CEO of the company. The transition began in the second half of last year. The story by Brian Womack of the Dallas Business Journal reported that “Mullaney said there are challenges in the Silicon Valley – especially higher costs for housing that make it difficult for folks that want to settle down in good school districts. In the past, people in the tech industry
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