Still Another Company HQ and Ops Center Leaves California . . .

Matthews Real Estate Relocates from California to Nashville and Phoenix

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 06, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, a commercial real estate investment services and technology firm, today announces the relocation and expansion of their corporate headquarters from El Segundo, CA [in Los Angeles County] to Nashville, TN. The strategic move strengthens the firm’s presence throughout the Southeast region of the United States and advances the company’s ongoing growth initiatives. Matthews also named Phoenix, AZ the brokerage’s National Operations Center, establishing the office as the operations and technology hub.

Nashville and Phoenix are core offices for the firm, located in two of the nation’s fastest-growing metros. Each office has substantially increased in size since opening within the last two years, prompting both locations to seek additional office space….

“Both of these offices offer critical support functions to our agent and clients across the country,” Duerk Brewer, Chief Operating Officer, said. “The Phoenix and Nashville markets are experiencing tremendous growth, giving us access to a robust workforce and allowing faster development in key business regions.”

Founded on technology-driven service and hyper-focused specializations, Matthews has seen unprecedented growth since its inception in 2015. By shifting standard practices and putting technology at the forefront of business development, Matthews has expanded to over 400 agents and 14 locations nationwide….

Chairman and CEO, Kyle Matthews, said: “In addition to being exciting commercial real estate markets, both Phoenix and Nashville have become destinations for the talented professionals we are targeting as we build out our corporate divisions. We anticipate even greater job satisfaction amongst our dedicated teammates due to the exciting growth, more affordable cost of living, and business culture alignment these markets provide. This move will only contribute to our success as we execute at a higher level through better collaboration and resources, ultimately providing better service to our clients.”

The source for the news release is here.

With additional tax increases proposed in California, I fully expect to see more corporate and small business out-of-state and out-of-Los Angeles relocations. – Joe.

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