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Bit by Bit, California Media Starting to Focus on Businesses Leaving the State

Having enjoyed a stroll under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, I was taken aback by scenes of the police there firing tear gas and water cannon toward “yellow vest” protestors – people who are showing in very public ways their unhappiness with an overbearing government. While the French res...

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Wall Street Journal, Others Cite New ‘Leaving California’ Study

Thank you Wall Street Journal for reporting on my new, comprehensive study of the who, what, when, where and why companies are leaving California for business-friendly locations. Their editorial, entitled, “High-Tax State Exodus” said: Jobs and businesses have fled California’s hig...

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Study Finds More Companies Leaving California – Urges More to Exit the State

Summary of an announcement by Spectrum Location Solutions: “California’s business climate has deteriorated to the point that a consultant who specializes in helping companies find new locations is now – for the first time in his career – openly encouraging businesses to relocate out of state....

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Another Fortune 500 Company Moves HQ Out of California & Legislators Couldn’t Care Less

Core-Mark is leaving San Francisco for Dallas/Fort Worth. CA's taxes and regulations prompted the move, but don't expect California's legislature or Gov. Jerry Brown to lessen their hostile attitudes toward businesses of all shapes and sizes....

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Spectrum Location Solutions Leaves Business-Unfriendly California for Pittsburgh Metro Area

A consulting firm long familiar with California’s hostile treatment of businesses has itself departed the state in pursuit of lower taxes, a more realistic regulatory environment and a superior quality of life....

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California Lithium Battery Maker Heads to Appalachia

Another company leaves California: This time it's lithium battery manufacturer Ener Blu, which will relocate its headquarters and production from Riverside County to Kentucky....

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