Joseph-VranichBiography: Joseph Vranich

Joe helps businesses make location decisions driven by growth, consolidation, market changes, or a need to relocate to a place with a more favorable business climate.

Joe began his career in the corporate world where he was involved in office expansions and relocations, manufacturing plant closures and conveyances of land parcels and buildings.

He is an impartial Site Selection Consultant who has been a repeated guest on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC, NPR and on hundreds of local broadcasts. His recent media appearances focus on why companies leave hostile business environments found in places like California, New York and Illinois for business-friendly states and localities.

Stuart Varney, Fox Business News, said: “Our next guest says [why] companies left the state last year alone. High taxes, too much regulation. Joe Vranich is the man who tracks this stuff in California …. Please come back and see us again. I want an update on the exodus from California.”

Joe has a highly organized process to assess potential locations based on labor availability, facility costs, taxes, economic incentives, logistics, utility rates and quality-of-life factors such as school performance, housing affordability and crime. See how it all works in The Three Phases of a Location Project.

His background includes serving as CEO of an international trade organization, Senior Vice President-Public Relations, a U.S. Senate appointee to a Congressional Review Panel and a non-fiction author on transportation issues.


Some know Joe as the Business Relocation Coach because he has helped business owners who are concerned about the personal and lifestyle challenges presented by a location project. Also, he has had Coaching assignments in Google, Northrop Grumman, Alcoa, Lufthansa Group, Electronic Arts, IBM and Burson Marsteller.

National Recognition

Publications quoting him on business location issues include The Economist, The Atlantic, Barron’s, Business Xpansion Journal, CFO Magazine, Chief Executive Magazine, CNNMoney, Commercial Executive Magazine, Energy Manager Today, Financial Management, Financial Sense, Fiscal Times, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, Journal of Commerce, Kiplinger’s, National Review, Reuters, Supplier Global Resource Magazine, Virtual-Strategy Magazine, Vital Speeches, Wall Street Journal, Workers Compensation and Zero Hedge.

Substantial Location Research

His research on company migrations has been cited by the American Enterprise Institute, California Business Roundtable, California Manufacturers & Technology Association, California Small Business Action Committee, Chapman University Center for Demographics and Policy, Heartland Institute, Kersten Institute for Governance and Public Policy, Small Manufacturers Association of California and the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation.

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