Business Location & Relocation Expert Available for Interviews

Journalists routinely reach out to Joe Vranich to discuss companies moving and business location and relocation issues. His most recent interviews focus on why companies leave states with hostile business environments – notably California – for states and localities that are friendly to business. His views have appeared in The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron’s, Reuters, Newsweek, Investor’s Business Daily, Kiplinger’s, CNN Money, The Atlantic, Vital Speeches and Chief Executive Magazine.  To reach Joe directly, call 800-508-5138.

“Our next guest says [why] companies left the state last year alone. High taxes, too much regulation. Joe Vranich is the man who tracks this stuff in California …. Please come back and see us again. I want an update on the exodus from California.” – Stuart Varney, Fox Business News

Media Citations

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Dallas Business Journal: Exclusive: Texas outshines all other states, by far, in luring California headquarters relocations
Dallas Business Journal: Not Just California: East Coast companies are flocking to Dallas-Fort Worth


Newsweek: Will Top Companies Follow Elon Musk’s Lead and Flee California for Unregulated States?
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