To Small Businesses: Here Is How to Reduce Anxiety Over a Location Project

It’s not just about data – Business Coaching can help.

Owners and principals of small enterprises do the best they can to bring about a brighter future for their company and their employees.

But here is an arena where a large corporation has an advantage over a small business: It can launch a location project and assemble a group of lawyers, accountants, real estate people and operations experts to conduct the studies, evaluate alternatives and bring the project to fruition without exceptional worries that small business owners experience.

The smaller the company, the more stressful it can be to launch a project. It’s even difficult to know where to start. Some express concern about how much time will be required for the project; or if a relocation is involved, what is the best way to inform employees.

Small enterprises don’t have staff with the distinctive competencies to plan and execute a site selection project. No criticism is intended here; that’s just a fact of life.

It’s possible to clarify issues prior to deciding whether to launch a location project, which can be done through Business Coaching. With greater clarity, a decision may be made to forgo the project, or to substitute a new location for the one that had been top of mind, or to alter the planning timetable in light of changing factors.

Joe has served as an Executive Coach in the aerospace, financial, manufacturing, airline, software and entertainment businesses. Also, he is a past Board Member of the Professional Coaches & Mentors Association.

Questions & Concerns

Initial conversations often begin with clients asking questions based upon business or professional aspirations, personal values, family concerns and workable options. Examples of questions can be found on the Small Businesses: Ask Your Questions page.

Coaching with Joe Vranich can make it easier to come to decisions that make sense from both a business and lifestyle viewpoint. That is why he also has been known as the Business Relocation Coach.