Easing relocation anxiety regarding primary, satellite or all-new facilities

It’s not just about data – Executive Coaching can help.

It’s stressful to start a company location or relocation project. With many options available, it’s difficult to know where to start. In addition to calculating the benefits to the business, a preferred lifestyle should also be factored into the location decision. Except for the largest corporations, employees don’t have the distinctive competencies to plan and execute a site selection project. Moreover, there is pressure to complete the project on time and within budget.

Company leaders often begin to worry just considering a location search regardless of the reason for the project. Some express concern (e.g., “How much time will be required for this project?”) while other sense that a crisis is brewing (e.g., “How do I tell employees that we’re moving?”).

It’s possible to clarify many issues prior to deciding whether to launch a location project, and that is done through Executive Coaching. Joe has coached executives in the aerospace, financial, manufacturing, airline, software and entertainment businesses. He also coached entrepreneurs in start-ups and owners of well-established businesses; also, he is a past Board Member of the Professional Coaches & Mentors Association.

Questions & Concerns

Initial conversations often begin with clients asking questions based upon business or professional aspirations, personal values, concerns about families, and workable options.

Most business owners and executives involved in a business relocation project are doing the best they can to bring about a brighter future for their company and their employees. Business relocation consulting with Joe can alleviate stress, which makes it easier to come to decisions that make sense from both a business and lifestyle viewpoint.