Joseph Vranich Business & Executive Coaching and Site Selection ConsultantSite Selection: Partial Project Assignments

Although a new facility is a big project, it may be that some of your employees can work on parts of the project with a consultant focusing only on unfamiliar or time-consuming components. The question is what tasks should be assigned to staff and what should be delegated to a consultant. In considering the question, it’s useful to review the Site Selection process as summarized on our home page.

Joe Vranich accepts partial assignments, which he already does when sharing work with associates. Consider the examples shown below. If you want a service that isn’t listed, discuss the possibility with Joe.

  • Coaching on initial vision, options and preferences
  • Assess lifestyle preferences
  • Target initial location preferences
  • Examine tax structures
  • Evaluate workforce availability and labor costs
  • Assess training programs
  • Perform Logistics and Supply Chain study
  • Conduct an Economic Impact study
  • Review infrastructure and utilities
  • Serve as an intermediary that permits anonymous representation
  • Assemble an inventory of appropriate sites and buildings
  • Negotiate economic incentives and financing opportunities
  • Help develop HR policies regarding employee retention, relocation and furloughs
  • Assist with internal and external announcements about the location decision

All work is oriented to your specific concerns and requirements.