Joseph Vranich Business & Executive Coaching and Site Selection ConsultantTestimonials

‘Thorough knowledge’ … ‘expert in his field’ … ‘peace of mind’ …

Broadcast Journalist: “Joe Vranich is a coach committed to you and your success.” – Neil Cavuto, TV Anchor and Commentator, “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” Fox News, New York.

Small Consumer Products Company CEO: “Working with Joe from the time I first thought about relocating my business from California to Colorado, until the announcement to my personnel, was a great experience. Not only was his knowledge of relocating incredibly thorough and detailed, but his communications coaching for my announcement and meetings with my personnel was excellent. If you are considering a move of your business, you must work with Joe. It’s hard to put a price tag on the peace of mind and expertise Joe will provide you as you navigate through the tough process of relocating your business.” – Kyle Hansen, President, Outward Hound, Centennial, Colorado.

Google: “I’ve had the good fortune to work with Joe on a project and while the project is confidential, my endorsement is not. I found working with Joe to be a rewarding experience and one I’d repeat again. He added value by blending coaching and consulting in a way that kept the focus on my highest priorities. He helped to bring objectivity to the project and to facilitate communications during a less-than-predictable set of circumstances. Our analysis and actions were concentrated in various ways — sometimes on broad, strategic questions and other times on specific details, all of which contributed to meeting project goals. Also, in a late phase of the project he volunteered to step out of the picture, saying candidly, ‘Things are going so well you don’t need me any more.’ That act is a testament to his credibility. I highly recommend Joe, and given the chance to work with him again, I’d do so happily.” – Robert J. Cocks, Global Head of Inside Sales, Engineering, Value Engineering and SE Programs

Credit Union SVP: “Joe Vranich is a premier expert in his field. His expertise in data gathering combined with his knowledge of areas to relocate to (and not to) around the United States proved to be quite valuable to our company. In addition, Joe is a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for relocation advice/services, Joe should be your go to!” – Maaike Jacobsen, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Western Federal Credit Union, Hawthorne, California.

Fox Business News: “A relocation coach. We’ve not had anyone like you on the show before, but you’ll be back. That was good stuff.” – Stuart Varney, Varney & Company.

Economic Development VP: “Recently we invited Joe Vranich to speak to the business community of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region to discuss out-migration of companies from California. Joe was marvelous. Not only did he cover the topic very well but did so in a captivating manner. His use of humor and anecdotes was entertaining and informative. Many people including me felt it was one of the best speeches heard at one of our events. We would invite him back in a heartbeat.” – David L. White, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation, Colorado.

‘Top Ten’ on Radio: “Joe Vranich advises companies that are considering moving. He gave us a ‘Top Ten List of Why California Companies are Calling the Moving Companies’ which reflects how bad things are here. In case you wonder why you’re out of work … go to his blog. It’s worth checking out. Read all about it. Wow!” – John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of the “John and Ken Show,” KFI Radio Los Angeles and KNEW Radio San Francisco (the most popular local talk radio program in the United States).

National Federation of Independent Business/California: “Joseph Vranich has fought for years to help businesses stay in California. His research fills a void that is missing in government data, namely how many businesses are leaving California due to its hostile business climate. While taking little credit for his diligent work, he is recognized by policy makers as an expert in his field. I have relied on him in the past, and will do so in the future, as well. – Ken DeVore, Legislative Director, NFIB/California.

International Relocation Company VP: “I worked with Joe on my presentation before my company’s top 55 relocation customers from around the world. It went over so well that the Sales Department asked me to join them in pitches to potential customers. Not bad!” – (Confidential assignment; name withheld), Paragon Relocation Services, Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

California General Assembly: “I wish we could hire him to work in the governor’s office to redirect this ship before it washes upside down.” (Statement made after a speech wherein Joe addressed California’s hostile treatment towards business and why companies leave the state.) – Assemblyman Dan Logue, Sacramento, California.

The Ultimate Coaching Testimonial: “There is a jargon used by test-pilots – ‘ahead of the curve’ – which means they must be relaxed, confident and be completely prepared for whatever happens. Joe will put you in a place where you are ahead of the curve. Had I been graced by his services twenty years ago, my life and career would be very different today. Joe is razor sharp, diplomatic, friendly, and warm. He is a powerful ally who cares. You owe it to yourself to contact this man, and soon.” Maurice Benzaken, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Relocation Expert: “I have worked with Joe for many years on public policy and research projects. He offers a keen understanding and unique approach to researching, analyzing and communicating industry trends. Joe’s work contributes to our clients’ understanding of the incentives and financial programs utilized by industry throughout the United States.” – Stephen J. McKnight, Vice President of Community and Market Assessments, Fourth Economy Consulting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Association CEO: “Joe Vranich understands the symbiotic relationship between business and local and state government. His unique insights not only help businesses make important relocation decisions, but also help elected and government leaders make educated decisions on helping businesses thrive in their jurisdictions. Joe’s coaching and presentations are fortified with facts, backed up by empirical data that allow businesses and communities to understand the impact of their decisions to their bottom line and the success of their communities.” – Lacy Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Association of California Cities – Orange County, California.